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Study break = play time!
Games may be a welcome loosening up during or after the training, for instance when concentration lapses. And games are the best variation when going for a walk. Here are three games from my new book “Dog Games”. Click here for new ideas:

Ball game Memory game Children's game

Tip: "Have a break!"
Concentrated and consistent training with your dog is great. Wild running, romping and playing is equally terrific – it’s the highlight of the day for each four-legged friend. But how to calm down our dogs again? Many dogs are able to do so; however, the thoroughbred ones eager to learn and agile can be motivated greatly, but it’s difficult to calm them down afterwards. What’s helpful?

Rest area I:
Determine at least one room in your house of flat, where nobody plays with the dog. This is a break room for the dog – and for the man as well.
Prevent your dog from having a try at inviting you to play by giving the command: "Down!". There are no toys lying around as a matter of course.

Rest area II:
The dog’s main place to lie becomes a taboo zone for all human family members. Here, the dog is alone, is not stroked or otherwise disturbed when sleeping. For that, some dogs like an (open) box after all. It is important to get the dog to sleep there from the beginning. Thus, we can command our dog to go to this place when we want to be left alone (for example, when having visitors or when eating and little beggars are undesired at the table). At this main place to lie, no toys are gathered; just a chew bone may be available for the dog there.

Why rest areas matter:
A dog, especially when it is motivated easily, reacts on the slightest hint signalling that training or a game might start. Indoors - and particularly in this very room - the dog knows that it may stay lying down no matter what its master is doing. In this manner, my dog Jaden can sleep for considerable 16 hours by all means and recharge his batteries for active walks with at least one toy, two cheerful children and lots of new ideas, which I would like to give a try with Jaden most certainly.