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Christiane Blenski
"Good boy!"

When I cop my dog Jaden doing something well, I say: “Good boy!”. And I do it quite deliberately. Because: Much too frequently, we do not give our attention to what our dog is already able to do and that it does it wonderfully. It’s quite the contrary! There is one absolutely stupid thing our dog is not able to do and we complain about and mull over it and then we wander from dog obedience school to one after another. But why?! If you really want to become the best in class with and for your dog, thus, give it a go to be out of your class by getting through five lessons - namely in the subjects: training, fun and feeling comfortable with your dog! Do you want this? So, ready, steady, go!

Five lessons to become the best in class!
Lesson 1: caught!
Have you got a particular word to praise your dog and which your dog really reacts on? ... Read more? Click here!

Lesson 2: signal!
Whether you and your dog will become a great team, depends on the following knowledge: if I, the human, change my attitude, I change my dog - absolutely at ease ... Read more? Click here!

Lesson 3: positive!
Behavioural science found out that a dog needs to be praised within two seconds. Only in doing so, the dog is able to link the praise to its action. If you are too late, there may occur misunderstandings ... Read more? Click here!

Lesson 4: so what?
You practised every day, it worked out every day, but today - nothing. You are annoyed. You wonder what the matter with your dog is today. I can tell you: "Nothing." And above all: "Don't take it personally. It hasn't worked out, so what?!" ... Read more? Click here!

Lesson 5: dialogue!
Talking or whispering to dogs - a dream. But dogs do not need gibberish in order to enter into a dialogue with us and we do not need a course “Fluent in dog language within three days" at the adult education centre ... Read more? Click here!