Fotos Sabine Stuewer
Christiane Blenski
The fun classic - English edition: "Dog Games: Stimulating Play to Entertain Your Dog and You“, published by Hubble & Hattie

There are more than 50 ideas for games in this book. I came up with these ideas in order to offer my Australian shepherd Jaden, which is eager to learn, something new more often – I thought some of the games up at the desk, some when walking the dog, some crossed my mind while hoovering (that's what we dog owners do more frequently). Jaden and his four-legged friends tested my ideas extensively and contributed own versions and new playing approaches during the training. This was phantastic. Also my little children had fun playing with us and trying something new. So the book offers many games, which can be played easily by little children and a dog. The book also contains magnificent photos by the impressive animal photographer Sabine Stuewer. Of course, there is also a detailed list of game rules from A to Z and a little “game test” as an introduction into the playing fun with dogs.
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Best seller: “Hunde erziehen, ganz entspannt – Der Einsteigerkurs“ (a book about the basics of dog training; available in German only) by Christiane Blenski, published by KOSMOS

My first book, my pride and joy and really a great success up to now. “Hunde erziehen, ganz entspannt!" is a how-to book, with which I want to facilitate far more than successful training techniques. Apart from “Sit!”, “Down!” and so on, I pass on important background knowledge – for instance, on the learning behaviour of dogs. My concern is the basic idea: “Man, change your mind – and your dog will follow you joyfully!”. As I do it online here, I would like to awake your interest in dog training with positive reinforcement. In my book, I explain and show those having their first dog and “refreshers” why and how this training really works. When reading these texts written with enthusiasm, you - the reader – are always given an extra help portion of motivation to take along for the successful dialogue with your dog!

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Compact knowledge: "Das lernt mein Hund – Hundeerziehung auf einen Blick” (a book about dog training; available in German only) by Christiane Blenski, published by KOSMOS

My knowledge on dogs put in a nutshell – spread by spread showing photos by Vivien Venzke. Learn awhile – for a wonderful, long dog’s life!

NEW in 2011: “Dogspeak – Recognising and Understanding Behaviour ” by Christiane Blenski, published by Hubble & Hattie

Goodbye misunderstandings: learn to understand animal body language – from dog to dog or when there is aggression between dog and man.

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“Schnüffelspiele – Der Nasenspaß für jeden Hund” (a book about sniffing games for dogs; available in German only) by Christiane Blenski, published by KOSMOS

Just get your nose in there and follow me and Jaden – discover new ideas for games, which demand total sniffing commitment of your four-legged friend. There are ideas for beginners through to tracking work. For more variation at home and on the way!

"Mein Welpe"
by Christiane Blenski (available in German only)

Entspannt durchs erste Jahr, KOSMOS Verlag

Egal, wie gut man vorbereitet ist: Zieht ein Welpe ein, kommt alles ganz anders. Da ist es gut, Verbündeten zu haben - mit diesem Ratgeber. Christiane Blenski begleitet frischgebackene "Welpeneltern" durch das erste aufregende Jahr im Leben eines Hundes: Vom Aussuchen des Hundebabys, über Haltung, Pflege, Erziehung und Beschäftigung - hier bleiben keine Fragen offen. Mit viel Spaß, Gefühl, guter Laune, Motivation zum Durchhalten und einfachen Problemlösungen verändern Welpenbesitzer ihren Blickwinkel und behalten auch in stressigen Zeiten einen kühlen Kopf.

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