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Christiane Blenski
"A dog is a dog" ...
... this is the basic for my virtual “mental dog school”, where I’d gladly welcome you. Keep your seat and get into new knowledge - for your dog!

Here, you will find the “timetable" - with your new favourite subjects. Just have a click and learn more about:

1. Lesson: dog speak
Your dog isn't interested at all in German or English, "Sit!" or "Glub!". It’s quite the contrary! For many dogs, our words are just an indefinable background noise, since ... Read more? Click here!

2. Lesson: learning behaviour of dogs
Dogs do not read guidebooks or sniff through web pages in order to learn something. Their increase in knowledge works differently – via good and bad experiences. They keep them in mind - exactly and by means of real “infallible memory” ... Read more? Click here!

3. Lesson: Dog development
It’s like a window opening wide and letting in everything new. After a specific period of time, it is closed again – and only tilted carefully. The phase of socialisation is part of the most important weeks in a dog’s life and they won’t come back ... Read more? Click here!

-> Are you interested in more lessons? What else would you like to learn? Send me an e-mail and tell me what you would like to know and I will care for new contents!