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Christiane Blenski
Are dogs intelligent?

Definitely not! Intelligence is a human scale and a dog is a dog. Dogs are clever to me – they learn by experience, are greatly eager to learn and very emotional. The question is more important to us humans: How intelligent are we? How quick and flexible are we in mind, how capable of learning – particularly concerning our dogs?

Because when a dog is dog, I need to (and I can!) stop palming off human criteria and behaviour on it. You don't do that at all? Here are some examples heard recently from dog owners: “My dog knows full well that it shall not jump up on people!" - “You see, how jealous my dog is." - “I tell its guilty conscious by looking at it.” Caught?! Never mind! But now it’s time to learn something new! You can start with it right now, just read on and gather the fascinating knowledge of great teachers (and their books!). Do your homework!